Dr. Elvia Espino

Empowering others to Reign!

Dr. Elvia Espino
Dr. Elvia Espino

Empowering others to Reign!

Dr. Elvia Espino

Empowering others to Reign!

Dr. Elvia Espino


Founder, Discover Best Self

Dr. Elvia Espino is a powerhouse. She brings PR executive leadership, is an inclusion expert, founder of Mom-on-a-Mission advocacy, and empowerment speaker. I mean what else can you say!

Excited to have her share her knowledge on her journey running for public office, as her city's first Latina mayoral candidate. In her words, "I set out to be the change, I wanted to see!"

Now if we could all have this attitude how much more change and influence would we see in the world.

Zabdi Q.

UTA Student

Having Dr. Elvia Espino at Business Week here at the College of Business at the University of Texas-Arlington was really great! She  brought impactful insight to the real-life world with a personal perspective. It was an honor, privilege, and very inspiring to hear her story and how she's been able to overcome all types of adversities throughout her life. Her principles of life is something to truly admire and look up to. Thank you Dr. Espino for sharing your time with us!

Rev. Greg M.

Chief Flight Controller DFW, Chairman of Chaplaincy Board

Dr. Espino joyfully brings her selfless commitment, compassion, and energetic leadership to our board and our ministry which has faithfully served the airlines, airport employees, and countless numbers of travelers daily. Dr. Espino is a humble, exemplary reliable servant of The Living Savior and our Chaplaincy Board. Dr. Espino’s commitment and passion to family, faith and community uniquely distinguish her from others. 

Anthony B.

Community Leader

I am the Founder and Past President of the Irving, Texas Branch of the NAACP, and I have a deep love, appreciation and respect for  Dr. Elvia Espino.

I came to know Dr. Espino a few years ago when she became the first Latina in the city's history to run for Mayor of Irving. She has a magnetic personality and positively impacts all who hear her speak.

Espino is what I call "A Difference Maker."  She is a tremendous asset to our community and to all of humanity.

I have no doubt that Dr. Elvia Espino will enhance the lives of all those who come into contact with her messages of hope, perseverance and leadership.

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